Island's Edge

An ongoing series of paintings and prints


A series of 19 hand-pulled screen prints each in a signed and numbered limited edition of 20 commissioned by the IKON Gallery for exhibition in 2008. It's a kaleidoscope of images inspired by recent visits around the globe and the experience of returning home to see the familiar with fresh eyes. The paper size is 52 x 54 cms.


In 1970, Pamela Scott Wilkie drove overland to Asia from the UK through Turkey, Iran and remote parts of Afghanistan. She produced a suite of 20 hand-pulled screen prints based on this experience setting up a studio in Rawalpindi making them there in a signed and numbered edition of 45. The paper size is 40 x 56cms.

In 1997 Arts Council England supported a Touring Exhibition and the remaining prints were also mounted onto an archival quality backing.  

It is now in the permanent collections of the Ikon Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


"Journey is an extremely evocative work of art. Now it's extraordinary how fresh the work still seems, conveying such vital enthusiasm and curiosity." (3)